The Alchemy of Bliss - Ecstatic Awakenings With Kundalini

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The keys to an Ecstatic YOU! Through my Ecstatic YOU!

Sex Magic Alchemy

Through the Ecstatic YOU! Program of Vocal Resonance:. Experience your body as a Bliss generating machine!

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  • Luxuriate in the naturally occurring Ecstatic Response in the spine. Awaken magic and enchantment in your everyday lives.

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    When experiencing life with an open heart you have the ability to inspire others, meaningfully and magically touch others, restoring harmony as we transform. Since everything in life is creative you realize that your always co-creating with the Divine. It is now safe for you to open your heart.

    The Bliss and Nightmare of Kundalini Awakening

    Love is now based on freedom, not expectation or need; it begins to lift you up on its wings elevating you higher towards the stillness, compassion and peace — the higher octaves of LOVE. Ecstasy erupts in a sacred sexual alchemical infusion of bliss as the eternal Twin Flame is born and materialized anchoring the Divine Holy Trinity.

    This is the alchemy of the two, The Divine Feminine clears out the old and the Divine Masculine brings in the new.

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    Through the use of movement, tantric breath, embodiment, authentic sound and ritual, you will be guided how to:. She is an incredible space holder, creating a safe container to go as deep as you wish. Highly recommend. As we clear room and remove the drose in our bodies we make space for solar consciousness to embody and support us. It enters our body in the form of love and light.

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    When our feminine energy unites with solar energy we feel the estatic bliss of this offering. Happiness and connection are also a promised result. During this session we will connect and feel into your body. Using any emotions, or physical discomfort or pain as messages from your body… messages that wish to be felt and expressed fully so they can be released and the story of your past is no longer part of your current reality.