Tatiana y Alexander (El jinete de bronce 2) (Spanish Edition)

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Sadly, I don't have any idea if they end up together or not so I'm going in with no expectations View all 62 comments. My emotions are so raw from this book.. It also led me to the beginning of Alexander's story and into his past.. Following TBH, this book took what was left of my shredded emotions and completely tore my heart out.. I am now completely, emotionally gutted There is nothing like reading a book that can pull such raw emotions from you.

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She is so gifted and is truly in a league of her own. I couldn't possibly wait to read this book after finishing TBH and definitely think that everyone should read book 2 following TBH.. View all 17 comments. So intense and stressful!!!!! Or I'm gonna need a suppport group after this trilogy Guys I was so nervous I was going to hate this one.

Maybe it's the dreaded sophomore slump, that seemingly inevitable second book ailment most trilogies suffer that was making me a bit jittery when I started this book. A lot of the times middle books feel like filler and there's very little worthy stuff in them. But this one? This one took my love for the first book and made it exponential.

Tatiana y Alexander (El jinete de bronce 2)

Scratch that. Love to the eleventh power. I don't even know how anything else is going to top this trilogy for me. I did not expect to get such an extensive set of flashbacks dating all the way to when our darling Shura was just 11 years old, prepping to leave America with his parents so they could live according to their deluded Communist ideals in the Soviet Union itself. So yes, I suppose I should say that first portion of this book was filler just because we already got all that backstory in the first book.

Not with such detail, but we already knew the salient points of Alexander's backstory. So were all those flashbacks needed, no I love this story and these characters so much already that I'll gobble up all I can about them. And I adore Paullina Simons' style, so lyrical in parts and yet so simple in others.

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She's enrapturing with the raw passion and emotion she uses to construct every sentence. The writing is lush, evocative, envolving. It's packed full of sensual yearning and so much tragedy. Weird, for a book where the main characters spend so much time apart. I was beginning to get worried with Tatiana's almost apathetic attitude to all the loss and suffering she'd been a victim of. But then Paullina finds a second gear and boosts the story with new twists.

Alexander is fighting for his life, like only someone as fierce and determined as he could. Tatiana can't let go. It's a penance of the heart, a silent scream of agonized loving.

El jardín de verano / The summer garden

Tatiana is back to being the Tatiana I know and love and I'm freaking devastated again at all the stuff happening on the page. I couldn't read the pages fast enough and yet I found myself slowing down, rereading everything up to three times because I wanted to stay in the moment. And then when these two come together again, we all know they will eventually I sobbed and trembled along with Tatiana.

My heart was racing, I was hoping to God the enemy wouldn't get their paws on them. I was there with them in postwar Berlin. I am so glad there is a third book because as nice as that ending was, I am a total and complete glutton and I can't get enough of this story. I don't even care that The Summer Garden is as big the Encyclopedia Brittanica and 5 regular sized books fit in it nicely. I think it isn't going to be enough to satisfy my need for this couple. So yes, Paullina Simons stole my heart and I am sure it's too late for me now.

I'm enamoured with these books and as far as I am concerned she can have my heart for life, keep it and lock it away for giving me Shura. View all 9 comments. A Universe of Heartbreaking, Poetic Stars "Once upon a time, young girls met young boys when the moon was full and the nights were dark, when there was a fire and singing and joking, when there was wine and taffeta and dancing, when the music was loud and the laughing, too, when one pair of eyes stared at another, and the girl's chest swelled and the boy came up close, and suddenly she looked up, he looked down and Once there was first love.

Give Up? Move On? Keep Faith? Could not be broken. As long as I am in the world, she said with her breath and her body, as long as I am, you are permanent, soldier. And he believed. The only way to describe this gorgeous sequel. Our characters, Tatiana and Alexander are separated by distance, by war, by death. Their struggles while physically opposite, are emotionally and spiritually one. The heart ache and devastation seem never ending. How can two souls endure?

How can two hearts beat strong?

Paullina Simons - The Bronze Horseman - Tatiana & Alexander

How can two people possibly survive? When everything they are is gone? On the outside you will walk and smile as if indeed you are a normal woman, but on the inside you will twist and burn on the stake, I will never free you, you will never be free. Near impossible to put this book down Alexander's past is revealed and relived.

Life changing moments are remembered. Tatiana works and lives in the now. The future is contemplated. Despite all of the sorrow, pain, suffering, fear, regret and longing Despite lies, war and death Love will conquer all. That simple moment is the one that propels us through life - what we felt like at the very edge of our future, standing over the abyss, before we knew for sure we loved. Before we know for sure we loved forever. I am forever changed for having read this beautiful work of art, which to me felt just like an extension of the first.

I know the third book will be no exception. View all 41 comments.

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  • Another beautifully written read! The second installment in TBH series did not disappoint. Granted, much of it was filled with struggle, heartache, and tension, but it did not lack the eternal love and persistent hope generated in the first book. The character development was huge, especially in Tatiana's case. She showed a remarkable growth in maturity; so much that, at times, I missed the former, more carefree Tania.

    Tatiana y Alexander (El jinete de bronce, #2) by Paullina Simons

    I found it difficult to see Tatiana in such a massive state of longing for a Another beautifully written read! I found it difficult to see Tatiana in such a massive state of longing for a large part of the book; she was just existing as time passed her by But her strength would always prevail, and what she was able to accomplish was admirable.

    Alexander was faced with struggles that no man should ever have to endure, and my heart continued to ache for him. There were a lot of flashbacks in this book, which allowed us to get to know who Alexander was before meeting Tania- all the way back to his not so fortunate childhood. This book is a captivating continuation to the astounding relationship of Tatiana and Alexander.

    To be honest, I wasn't sure how to rate this at first because it caused me so much heartache. But I realized that if something inspires me to the extent in which this book has, whether happy or sad- it warrants five stars all the way! View all 14 comments. It deserves nothing less. Like I said in my review of book 1, nothing I write in my review will do this book justice.

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    • A journey. This is the type of book that makes all other books look bad.

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      It will give every type of reader something they love. This book is rich in history, bravery, survival, suspense, love, friendship, loyalty, heartbreak, loss, sadness, and every emotion under the sun. I urge everyone out there to read this epic and beautifully written trilogy.

      http://steklokvarz.ru/components/clear-your-java-cache-mac.php View all 11 comments. The third one Shelves: historical , adult , paullina-simons , review.