Love Magic: The Good Witchs Guide to Healing Your Heart

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Copy any tattoos, scars, or distinguishing features onto the poppet as well. Add magical or astrological symbols if you like. You can say something along the lines of, "I have made you, and you are Jane Jones. Your poppet can be used for any number of things—love, money, protection, healing, to get a job.

Anything you can imagine, you can make a poppet to bring it about. Simply figure out your goal and the means to achieve it.

Reward Yourself

The only limits on poppet construction are your own creativity and imagination. Not sure what sort of poppets to create, or how you can use them in a practical application? Try one of these six easy ideas for making and using your own poppets. As you make it, focus on the positive attributes that you possess which will make you appealing to a potential employer. Another option is to create the poppet in the image of the employer include business cards or letterhead inside, if you can get them and tell the employer poppet why you're the best person for the job.

Create poppets that represent each member of the family, blending herbs and stones into the clay. This is actually a fun project you can get your kids involved in as well — let them each make their own poppet person!

When you make this poppet, be sure to indicate what you are trying to heal, whether it's a case of tennis elbow, a chronic infection, or even a broken heart. Focus all of your energy on the ailment in question. Make a poppet to represent the object of your affection — remember that in some magical traditions it is frowned upon to make a specific person the target of your working. Shape the meat and herbs into a person, and create a "meat puppet" in the same way you'd make a fabric one.

As you make the doll, tell it that it's time to be silent, and tell no more gossipy stories. Remind it that people who can't say nice things shouldn't say anything at all. Dispose of the doll by either burning it on your grill and burying it someplace far away, feeding it to your dog, or leaving it out in the sun to rot.

Perhaps something has come up in a hurry, and you feel it needs immediate magical attention. Use a piece of aluminum foil to whip together a quickie poppet — shape it into the figure of a person. Fill with any magical components that might be handy — bits of wood, dirt, grass, even a name scribbled on a piece of paper — and personalize the poppet. Need additional poppetry ideas? Try making a magical gingerbread poppet, or put together a portable poppets kit to keep in your magical arsenal!

Share Flipboard Email. Patti Wigington is a pagan author, educator, and licensed clergy. Updated January 05, Material: satin, green or gold or silver Herbs: clover, chamomile, ginger, cinnamon Gemstones: snowflake obsidian or sodalite. Material: White cotton or unbleached muslin Herbs: Lemon balm, feverfew, ivy, and pine.

Beginner Witches Easy Banishing and Heart Healing Spells

Gemstones: Bloodstone, turquoise. Material: Red or pink silk or cotton Herbs: Rose petals, parsley, and peppermint Gemstones: Barite, jade, rose quartz. Material: Ground beef or other squishy meat Herbs: Horseradish, pepper, rue, yarrow, valerian. Material: Aluminum foil. Continue Reading.

11 Signs You’re A White Witch | Soul and Spirit

When you deeply love someone, a breakup can feel like part of your soul has been ripped out your chest. Someone who was your go-to text buddy—perhaps even live-in partner—can go from emergency contact to enemy in a single moment. You may rightfully feel like your life is in shambles as you process the grief and reconfigure your daily routine sans your former love. So how do you move forward?

5 Palm Signs when you’re born a Witch

Witches use a method known as cord cutting—a ritual that can help you let go, heal, and meet someone new. Cardenas practices cord cutting personally, as well as offering it to clients as one of his spells. Most witches use cord cutting rituals to move on from breakups. It simply severs unhealthy ties between you and another person, helping you to let go without directing any harm at anyone.

In some instances, a reconciliation of some form may be possible, but first you have to sever yourself from the diseased past. Cord cutting requires self-reflection, honesty, and the willingness to take a scary leap that can help your life move on to healthier, more beautiful relationships.

Broken Heart Repair Spell for both Waning and Waxing Lunar Phases

There are many ways to cut cords. You can cut cords mentally by visualizing it in your head or using actual thread and scissors. I used that link to send love and strength their way, thanking them for what they had added to my life," she says. Thousands of supposed witches mostly women, of course , thought to have been practicing magic or making pacts with Satan, were being persecuted, trialed, tortured — many times into false confessions — and some were even executed. Of course, witch hunting has less to do with fear around the craft itself and more to do with power, oppression and scapegoating.

Since those days, and from the time the infamous Salem witch trials took place, times have mostly changed although witchcraft is still considered a real danger in some countries, like Nigeria , to sometimes disastrous consequences. Modern-day interest in witchcraft is no new trend.

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And just look at the money the town of Salem has brought in thanks to tourism. Sure, it was all distilled and simplified for mass consumption, but it was still intriguing and powerful; in fact, it was this very liminality that was so alluring. In fact, all things witchy seem to have been rebranded: No longer the domain of the goth kids who got mocked in high school raise your hand if you sat at my lunch table!

But why now?

Blood Magic

According to author David Nash, this makes total sense. Kristen Sollee, who teaches a course at The New School in New York City on the intersections between witches and feminism yes, please , and who is the editor at Slutist , agrees. Put simply, sometimes a little ritual, nature and intention goes a long way.